PIM application UI design

2022 - Beeyond

user flows - prototype & testing - UI design

Project summary

Beeyond is a PIM (Product Information Management) system that helps retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to control their products in a central place. Beeyond has been in the market since 2013. During that time, lots of new features and possibilities were developed, but the user interface stayed behind. Beeyond came to us, at the time my employer BZTRS Agency, to design a new interface with an up-to-date design and a better usability. The aim was to mainly focus on a redesign of the existing interface and only improve usability of the most used user flows.

Together with Beeyond we have selected 5 user flows that get a usability boozt. I restructured the flows with the use of wireframes and looked for ways to improve them.

For some of the more complex flows, I conducted user tests with actual users of Beeyond, to gain feedback for improvements. I also conducted a tree-test with the users, to test the new menu-structure of the application. These tests were the first time that Beeyond users got involved through testing and feedback.

After figuring out the right user flows, I started designing the new UI. In the new UI, I've removed a lot of bars and borders to create a more clean and open space. I also created a small design system from all the components that are needed for the application. The design system is also helpful for the development team.

The last phase was the implementation of the design. This was done together with the Beeyond team and another development partner. In this phase, I had to check whether the design was implemented correctly. Also, during the process, some design changes had to be made due to implementation difficulties.

The assignment formulated:

"How can Beeyond's user interface be redesigned to be more modern and user-friendly"

This page only describes a summary of the project. More detailed information and visuals are left out due to copyright restrictions.

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