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2021 - Deeptissue

wireframes - design - development


An acquaintance of mine was planning to start her own massage parlor from home. She came to me with the question if I could build her a website. The website should have an oriental, cozy and warm fibe with a personal touch. Also, it should be easy to get in contact, preferably using Whatsapp. Information such as all the different massages, prices and FAQs should be clear and easy to find. Lastly, the website should be built at low cost.

I gave her some options with which I could build the website. For example, it could be built using The website will be ready very quickly, but you will soon run into limitations. Another option was Wordpress. Wordpress offers a lot of options and has a great CMS, but usually if you want extra functionality a plugin has to be installed. Often these plugins cost money and cause bugs and maintenance problems. Ultimately, a custom build solution with HTML/CSS and PHP was chosen, which allows a lot of design freedom and expansion options in the future, at a reasonably low price.

The assignment formulated:

"Design and develop a website with an oriental and warm fibe, with which Deeptissue can present itself and the services in a clear and personal way and it is easy for clients to get in contact."

Logo design

I started with designing a logo for the new massage parlor. I tried to incorporate the line of a spine. The circles surrounding the spine represent hands, massaging the spine. In a way, the circles also slightly represent the Yin and Yang symbol, also giving it a bit of an oriental/eastern fibe.


Before designing the website, I first started laying out the global structure of the pages using wireframes. This was a great way to structure all the content and important information while also finding the best places for CTAs, in a fast and easy way. This way, it was also easy to share my ideas with Deeptissue.

The design

The last step before developing was the creation of the design. I immediately had a pretty clear view for the design of the website, based on the requirements of Deeptissue. I wanted to create a warm entrance, using a nice header image, a clear title and CTA’s to the massages-page and the contact page.

I started my first design with light colors (white, beige) and the occasional darker blue color. This did not provide the warm and cozy effect that the website needed. I decided to turn it around and use mostly darker colors (dark blue, gray) and use light colors as a highlight, for CTA’s for example. This really turned things around and created a very warm and cozy fibe. I created some depth to the pages by adding blurred plants behind or underneath elements or by layering images on top of each other.

After the design was finished, I started developing the website. The basic structure is built with HTML/CSS and bootstrap. I used PHP to create sections and components that could be reused throughout the site. All the different massages are stored in a MySQL database. In this way I was able to create a template page that could be used for any massage to present the information.

In the end, Deeptissue was very happy with the new website and she also received very positive feedback from her clients, so I’m super proud of the result!

View the website yourself:

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